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About The Thrifty Equine and Bill Brinson

Bill Brinson was born in San Francisco in 1961. He grew up in the city of San Francisco at his grandfather’s stables, The Shamrock Stables in the Pacifica area in California. Later after Pacifica became a city in it’s own right, the name of the stables became The Pacifica Stables. Bill’s grandparents were a strong guiding force in his life, teaching him good morals and responsibility for animals, family, friends and neighbors.

At the age of 14 Bill’s family moved to Lodi, California where he worked in many a farmer’s field and grove, he finished high school and went to college and got his degree. Bill grew up hunting and shooting with his family as well as working with horses. Bill got into competitive shooting and was infatuated with fire arms of all kinds and was inspired, loved and nurtured by his great friend Bob Vandusen retired WWII Marine and his wife Fran, who taught him the right way to shoot and to win. Bill Brinson had always been intrigued with leather and what he could do with it. His love affair with leather began with his love affair with guns, he wanted to learn how to make holsters. He swears his love of leather came down the family line as his maternal grandfather used to make the family’s shoes.

Bill Brinson is a master craftsman who was inspired and taught by some genuinely talented and well known saddle makers and leather craftsmen. Bill Brinson apprenticed under a saddle maker out of Garden Valley, Idaho by the name of Don Brown. Don Brown taught Bill about the finer points of a good using saddle. It didn’t necessarily have to be completely tooled in every crevice, but a fine border would do just fine. Don Brown apprenticed under Ray Holes, a celebrated saddle maker out of Grangeville, Idaho. Bill Brinson also trained with Berney Brother’s Saddlery out of Kilcullen, Co. Kildare Ireland. Bill credits Tom Berney with teaching him the skill and grace of working with English Saddles, teaching him tricks of the trade and helping Bill to be an all around saddle maker. Bill credits some great saddle makers that have inspired him and who have been a pleasure to know in his life. Don Brown, AJ Meyers, Skip Arnew, Kieth Siedel, and The Silva’s at Silva Saddlery. On the English side Tom and Jim Berney, Jochen Schleese and the gang at Smith Worthington Saddlery. ​

In August 2011 Bill Brinson walked into The Thrifty Equine Consignment Used Tack Shop and promptly introduced himself and notified the owner that she would be needing him. In May of 2014 Bill Brinson is full owner of The Thrifty Equine. Carson City, NV. Professional guidance in a confusing situation is my M.O.

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